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Address: 14577 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44111

Phone: 855-328-8861

Email: bluefalls@mywashclub.com

Why choose Conrad's Touch Free Car Wash?

Not only can you get the best clean for your vehicle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but Conrad's Touch Free Car Wash comes with all the most innovative features that combine to create a car wash experience that will make you come back over and over.

  • Open Bay Wash makes it easier to pull your car in the car wash without worrying about damaging your tires and rims. It's safe and comfortable!
  • Touch Free - no abrasive brushes that can damage your vehicle
  • Front Bug Prep is an extra chemical that softens hard-to-remove bugs.
  • Environmentally Friendly! Our soaps and solutions are 100% bio-degradable.
  • Hot Fresh Water to give your vehicle the best cleaning possible
  • Integrated FlashDry® gets vehicles out with a spot-free dry in less than 5 minutes from start to finish.
  • Underbody Wash & Turbo Blast cleans the undercarriage of vehicles more effectively than any other car wash system available.
  • Clear Coat Protectant protects the paint from acid rain and UV rays to help keep cars cleaner, longer.
  • RainX is applied with purchase of the Ultimate wash
  • Tri Color Polish adds shine and aids in the drying process.

Open 24 hours